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Posted at June 17th, 2010.

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  1. Harald Vogel says:

    Thanks for a great tool. I started using it today. Maybe a stupid beginners question: Do I have to rearrange my groups everytime I open / close a grouped program or is there a way the groups are saved? I arranged some groups but when I close / open a program from a group its ungrouped again.

  2. MemphiZ says:

    Hi Michael,

    first of all thanks for this great tool and for making it freeware.
    Do you have any plans on making it Windows 8.1 compatible?

    Thanks in advance!


  3. Cyb3r says:

    Hey budd,

    Firstly I would love to say thanks for this epic tool,

    I just downloaded it last night, and I’m really impressed with the features included in the tool, so simple and powerful,

    So i said why dont i give it a shot and translated it to my language,

    This is really my first try to translate anything, the translation is pretty good, but i hope i got it done right,

    i’ve replaced English language with my language as you said in the ‘Read Me’ file,

    i’ve attached 2 files, first one with ” tag because my language is Right To Left, but i dont know if it’s right!

    So the other file without DIV tag, you can see which one is working and use it, sorry but this translate is like saying thanks to you i think xD

    Give me response please as soon as possible.


  4. Marvin Bendik says:

    I’m getting the following error message when trying to update to v4.3.1: 7+ Taskbar Tweaker: Could not load library (101). What’s wrong & how do I fix it?


  5. Marvin Bendik says:

    I was finally able to install the update after closing v4.3. The update won’t install with a prior version running.

  6. Reed says:

    Hello,Mr.RaMMicHaeL! I just want to ask why can’t we exit “7+ Taskbar Tweaker” with saving changes? We hope you can add this feature! 3Q!

  7. richard robinson says:

    I tried the unchecky program yesterday and it did not seem to work on ccleaner, then tried the new beta today and one feature seemed to work but the other did not. I saw you are working on ccleaner but it said browser and there is also a toolbar. I have always removed the checks but the program has been sneaky in that it has a delay before the options are shown in which most users hit next before it appears. Anyway I left the checks in the option and it did not seem to install but there was no second feature to warn me if I had actually wanted to install the browser and toolbar. Also it is unusual to have unchecky install to the start menu instead of the program tab but I eventually saw it. My four uninstallers do show unchecky in case I wanted to uninstall it. I did not know you had a blog until I selected the about bug feature in the start menu. When I went to your website there was not a listing for blog or forum until I selected about which I thought was just to tell about you. Thanks for the beta although I usually wait until a program is out of beta.

    • RaMMicHaeL says:

      I saw you are working on ccleaner but it said browser and there is also a toolbar.

      Are you talking about this?

      It didn’t offer toolbars for me, only the Google Chrome browser.
      I’m working on it, though.

      Also it is unusual to have unchecky install to the start menu instead of the program tab but I eventually saw it.

      It creates a folder in the “All programs” folder. That’s what most programs do, no?

      When I went to your website there was not a listing for blog or forum until I selected about which I thought was just to tell about you.

      Are you talking about the http://unchecky.com/ website?
      It has a link to the blog on top, as well as a link to the bug tracker in the FAQ and in the contact pages.

      Thanks for the beta although I usually wait until a program is out of beta.

      You’re welcome, thanks for your feedback.

      • richard robinson says:

        I uninstalled Unchecky v0.1.2 and CCleaner and downloaded and reinstalled first Unchecky v0.1.3 beta and then CCleaner v4.08.4428. The TJFAI.jpg listed above is similar however I get a second line check box says Also include Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer. I will try to send you a screenshot of the options page and also one of the start menu versus program listing. When I clicked on your email box the security letters were hard to read to get your email address so I opted to comment here instead. After installing v0.1.3 the check was missing from the first box today but still had the check in the second box which I left checked and completed the install of CCleaner. CCleaner still worked great as always but neither Google Chrome or the toolbar were installed on my XP Pro. I still did not get any warning I had a check in the second box if it was supposed to warn me. Thanks

  8. ToniK says:

    Is it possible to show Windows 7 taskbar exactly the same in different location, I mean that when it’s located left side of the screen instead of bottom of the screen it looks exactly the same as it was bottom of the screen.

    Is it possible to make taskbar which is located left/right side of the screen smaller, so it would looks like it was located bottom/top of the screen?



  9. RK says:


    My problem with Windows 7 preview pane is that it doesn’t stick. i.e., when I move mouse out of the preview pane, it disappears. How can I make it ‘stick’?

    Thank you.

  10. JJB says:

    Double Click on empty space not showing desktop (as it did in earlier versions). I have Win 7 Pro and latest stable 7+

  11. JJB says:

    None of the Double click options work (except nothing, I suppose!). See my configuration .png http://sdrv.ms/1gZQdSo

    • JJB says:

      OK now it is working again. Instead of just uninstalling, I uninstalled and deleted what was left in the program folder. Then I reinstalled and everything is fine. Must have been some registry conflict…

  12. 7+ taskbar is the best add-on I’ve ever used for optimizing space on screen. Ability to remove gap between pinned items, and remove gaps between tray icons is awesome. Love programs that takes little number of pixels on screen like winamp, etc.

    Got 2 questions:
    – Will there be any way to manually set the number of pixels in advanced settings for GAP between pinned items on taskbar ? We can manually specify for tray icons (set to 2 in my case). Would be nice to see for pinned items !

    – Outlook 2013 has major spacing issues. Microsoft made a big mess with whole 2013 office suite as far as wasted space on screen.
    I’m looking for a way to reduce wasted space in Outlook in the Folder Pane on the left. Notifce 1/4in wasted space between every mail account, and 1/16in space between every folder.
    New screens have usually less vertical pixels than good old 4:3 monitors. It’s a shame that microsoft wastes so many vertical pixels all around the place.
    Same for reading pane. I wish we could hide the header. Space remaining for reading the actual email is ridiculously small.
    I’d be willing to pay for a software that fixes Microsoft errors.

    See 2 images here:



    • RaMMicHaeL says:

      Will there be any way to manually set the number of pixels in advanced settings for GAP between pinned items on taskbar ?

      Currently, the gap is removed by using a different type of a taskbar button while calculating its size – i.e. the size is hardcoded and I have no control over it. Perhaps it could be modified by using a different approach, but I don’t believe it’s worth the effort.

      Outlook 2013 has major spacing issues.

      Have you considered Thunderbird?

      • >> I don’t believe it’s worth the effort.
        OK you’re probably right. Thanks for the explanation.

        >>Have you considered Thunderbird?
        Considered thunderbird yes but it’s not powerfull enough for my needs. (20 imap accounts + 20 offline PST) + calendar + contacts + ability to sync contacts and calendars with my android phone. And ability to load multiple windows (calendar on screen 1, emails on screens 2 and 3 and so on…)
        So far staying with Outlook 2010. Would need to upgrade resolution to 2560×1600 in order to upgrade office. Costs around 1500$ per monitor.
        Anyways I’ll stay with 2010 version so don’t waste your time with this request.

        Thanks again for 7+ taskbar product, and for quick answers.

  13. Unchecky is really a unqiue tool you created. Hats off for thinking of it and creating such software. I just blogged about it. http://www.alltechflix.com/2014/02/unchecky-automatically-unchecks-box.html

  14. Javan says:

    Is it possible to add a picture to the show desktop button (Windows 8.1) The button is functional, but there is no picutre. Microsoft has seemed to remove the picture;you dont even see it when you hover your mouse over it. You only see it when you click on it. I would like to see it at all times, instead of making sure to put my cursor in the precise location, since i have a secondary monitor i frequently throw my cursor past it onto the second monitor.

    So all in all; i am asking if you have the ability to have a picture added to the show desktop button at all times, for normal, hover and pressed instances?

    • RaMMicHaeL says:

      Perhaps it’s possible to change it by modifying the theme. Have you looked at it?

      • Javan says:

        Yes, it is possible to have this image disaplyed by modifying the theme, but i have grown used to the default theme by windows. I was just wondering if you were able to add an image there. I’d rather not change the theme. And by modify, if you mean using 3rd party programs, such as windowblinds, then i am not that advanced or experienced with such programs.

        • RaMMicHaeL says:

          I didn’t mean to suggest replacing the theme. I meant that perhaps copying the button image from e.g. Windows 7 to the default theme might work.
          Anyway, I don’t plan to add this feature to the tweaker.

  15. David says:

    Thank you very much for this great tool!

    I would like to make a suggestion for improving the 7+ taskbar program:

    To remove the color effect when one is over a button on the taskbar (red for Chrome, yellow for a directory, etc).

    That color effect that I find it unnecessary and that bothers me a lot in from windows xp.


  16. lain says:

    Thanks for 7+ Taskbar

  17. LaczkoUr says:

    Thanks for the TaskbarTweaker tool!
    The double click to open, and middle click to close ones are very useful.

  18. Mitko says:

    On the Windows 8.1 Spring update (Update 1) i get the “Could not load library (107)” error

  19. AByH says:

    Hello RaMMicHaeL!
    7+TT, is great! good work! MS should pay for this =)
    Please take a look at my “startmenyorb” I made: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Start-Likes-Systray-291090544

    Q: Is it possible to ad a tweak in 7+TT for the taskbar when you but it on the side, (left/right side of the desktop), so it remove extra gap between icons, and makes the taskbar smaler/thinner as it is now on top/bottom? By default it is almost the size of two icons side by side.


    • RaMMicHaeL says:

      Hi AByH,

      Please take a look at my “startmenyorb” I made

      Nice. Personally, I prefer the colorful one, but it’s a matter of taste.

      As for your question: it’s possible to make the vertical taskbar thinner by using an advanced option of the tweaker. Please refer to the help file for more details.

  20. Zany Blunts says:

    Hello, I have an idea for a the 7+ Taskbar Tweaker that I wanted to share with you: to be able to de-combine window(s) from the rest…

    For example, if you have 4 PDFs (A, B, C, D) open in acrobat, they combine under the one icon because they are all the same type, and you are not able to rip one or more of those windows away from combining and have it separate from the rest. It would be cool to have AB&C combined with D being on its own next to it. Or also have A&B combined with C&D combined next to it. Understand what I’m getting at?

    Anyways, thank you so much for this awesome program. =]

  21. Zany Blunts says:

    No way… I was trying to do that but it is not working… Would another setting in the program prevent that from happening?

    • RaMMicHaeL says:

      That option doesn’t work with combined items. You might try the option Decombine on mouse hover to overcome this limitation.

      • Zany Blunts says:

        Ok, that’s why then. I like having them combined, but once in while it would be nice to have two separate combined sets of windows of a single program that I am using for different purposes.

        Thanks for the quick feedback!

      • Zany Blunts says:

        Yes, that method does allow me to do what I want to do (move a window out of a group).

        However, I do still have a suggestion/request similar to my original post because I do not like decombining groups when I hover my mouse over it.

        It would be really cool if you were able to do this same action from within the thumbnail preview instead simply by right clicking the thumbnail to move the window within/between groups. It would kind of be similar to how you can left click on the thumbnail preview to rearrange items within a group. Do you follow what I am saying? =]

        • RaMMicHaeL says:

          The thing is, thumbnails don’t always match taskbar buttons. For example, IE uses a thumbnail for every tab, while there’s only one actual taskbar button.
          But perhaps it’s possible to make it work for the common case, when they do match. I’ll look at it.

  22. Margus says:


    It seems your awesome and very useful application is not working after doing the Windows 8.1 Update. Tried reinstalling without success. Can you confirm this and possibly give an estimate how much time until an update?

  23. Ron says:

    it is not recognizing my donation

  24. David says:

    I have seen your previous blogposts about the tweaker getting the error message “Could not load library”
    However, I believe I have a slightly different problem?
    It is not loading a different library(?)

    I tried reinstalling. Here is a screenshot


  25. Radek says:


    thanks for a great tool:)
    Is there a chance to group either by an app ID (as it is now) or by a datetime of instance start? So the first window(the most on the left) would be the newest one…
    Thank you

  26. Javan Miller says:

    Ever thought of creating a different design/layout/skin for this program? Or allowing others to create skinpacks?? I love this program, but in my opinion the looks of the program is bland …

    • RaMMicHaeL says:

      You left the comment on the “About” page.
      Which program are you talking about?

      • Javan Miller says:

        Whoops, sorry about that. I’m referring to the 7+ Taskbar Tweaker program.

        • RaMMicHaeL says:

          Well, the main window is something that you configure once or twice, and forget about it. I don’t think making the interface customizable will improve the usability very much.
          If you want to propose something that looks better, though, I’ll gladly look at it, and perhaps will add it to one of the future releases.

  27. 7+ Taskbar Tweaker Fan says:

    Thank you!
    Does what it says and does it perfectly!

  28. Friend says:

    7 taskbar tweaker is a great program. Using it in a multi-user-environment like AD the program and the setting won´t be loaded for a new/ other user than the admin, who configered the system.
    Are there any settings in 7 taskbar tweaker to load the program with all users and use the once made configurations?

    Thanks a lot

    • RaMMicHaeL says:

      No, there’s no straightforward way to setup the tweaker for all users.
      You can automate the installation using a silent setup. Then, you can export the settings from the registry of a configured user and import them for other users.
      Alternatively, a portable version might work.

  29. Ruby says:

    Got a nasty little surprise when I installed your software. http://lp.downloadquick.net/?dom=1&appid=725&subid=on10JWm5a9
    Some kind of browser hijack crap that is poorly documented, so I can’t find a fix. I guess I will be installing windows. Thanks

  30. Lin says:

    Alas. It did warn of a lot of foistware from a rogue Adobe Reader installation. But it did NOT un-check the McAfee Security Scan from the legitimate Adobe Reader Installation. The McAfee installed, and I had to manually un-install it.

    Great idea, though….

  31. Foze Rifaee says:

    Hello RaMMicHaeL..
    I’m a student.. I don’t work and don’t have a balance in the bank or a credit card to donate.
    I love your software and i want to download alpha version for Windows 10.

  32. Alexander says:

    Can you add the function: change program icons by app id plus window id. Maybe with additional preferences, like the path to icons and etc. I run to many windows single app and won’t see the difference between them. I won’t see different icons for every window.

  33. doc says:

    how about support for chocolatey?


    unchecky is already supported. i’d like the taskbar tweaker to be supported too.

  34. Herr Lukas says:


    please, there is a magic wish at Your Grande 7 Taskbar Tweaker:
    please, I want to move inner groups with …………

    LEFT Mouse!

  35. peter says:

    Please take a look at my request on the userecho tracker at http://tweaker.userecho.com/topic/550435-want-colored-icon-in-system-tray/

    stamimail created a colorful icon for me, but you would have to modify the executable to actually use it. Also, I’m not sure whether the one he created is the right size or format.

  36. Jan Grundtvig says:

    Microsoft don’t deliver what their clients require, and don’t listen to even massive critisism.
    Incredible that it is necessary to install Taskbar Tweaker and other applications to make the operating system behave in an acceptable way.
    Taskbar Tweaker and Classic Start Menu + a decent file manager are an absolute must in Windows Vista and onwards.
    The remaining unsolved problem is the crippled shell, again in everything after XP.
    Now that we already have Explorer hooks in Taskbar Tweaker, perhaps we could have replacements (XP behaviour) for the open/save dialogs, and other Win Explorer related stuff.
    This would be a giant timesaving improvement, but would probably need a change of name, from “Taskbar Tweaker” to something like “New Windows shell repair application” 🙂
    Well, mega thanks for the anti-frustrating Taskbar Tweaker, hopefully with the above mentioned features in the future…

  37. Agent Goat says:

    If you’re not aware, scumbags are now bundling unchecky with piles of crap/ad/spyware. Presumably they’re hoping to block other crapware from changing their hijacked search settings? I had not heard of the application prior to this.. it’s a great idea, but it’s being misused.

  38. Hu Yunong says:

    Do you give me a 7TT for windows 10 alpha version 。I can’t donat for you。Because I‘m in china now.What should i do??????

  39. Peter says:

    I’ve just downloaded and ‘installed’ 7+ Taskbar Tweaker as a portable. I’ve tested it for a few days and am very impressed. One thing that I think needs dealt with.

    I use a program called Portable Start Menu (http://www.aignes.com/psmenu.htm) for access to and some control of portables on my system. It has a feature that allows it to auto-start programs on launch of Portable Start Menu.

    I set 7+ to be launched when Portable Start Menu is launched. However, when 7+ is launched it automatically shows the main dialogue window (where the main settings are made concerning the taskbar/sys tray). This automatic opening on launch I find unnecessary as the user always has to just close it after launching 7+.

    I would like to make the suggestion that this behaviour be altered for future versions (or at least make it a selectable option in the Settings dialogue). Give the user the choice on whether or not to open the main dialogue on 7+ launch (it can easily be accessed from the sys tray icon anyway.

    Many thanks.

    • RaMMicHaeL says:

      I’m not familiar with Portable Start Menu, but if it allows to set command line parameters, add -hidewnd for the tweaker, and it will launch with a the main window hidden.

      • Peter says:

        Hi Ram,

        Thanks very much for the information – works like a charm.

        I’ve now had a look at the help file and note that in the ‘Settings’ section this is mentioned from the point of view of if 7+ has it’s ‘Run at startup’ set to ‘yes’ at the ‘Settings’ dialogue’s options – the switch gets written into the registry entry.

        Are there any other ‘switches’ lurking in the background? If there are it would be worth a mention in the help file.

        Thanks for a great piece of software. I came across it because I was looking for something to replace ‘Taskbar Shuffle’. On a WinXP system I had got so used to being able to move around window buttons on the taskbar at will. But Taskbar Shuffle didn’t work in Win7 – so that’s how I eventually found 7+. As said, brilliant piece of software.

        • RaMMicHaeL says:

          Are there any other ‘switches’ lurking in the background? If there are it would be worth a mention in the help file.

          None, except switches for internal use.

          P.S. Thank you for the feedback, I’m glad that you like 7+ Taskbar Tweaker.

  40. Bob Bobson says:


    Thanks a lot for 7TT, it is great and has a few features that are indispensable. However, there is one feature that would make it even better.

    Could you add an option to maximize/restore a window by double-clicking its taskbar button? That would be a very easy, quick, and safe way to maximize/restore a window.

    Thanks a lot.

  41. Enrico says:

    Hey, I’d like to know if you are still planning to update 7TT for Windows 10 (the last update on the post is from last year).

    Is the alpha working for middle-click closing?

    Thanks for your work! 🙂

  42. IdeaS says:

    I have an idea for you, but not sure if it’s possible to implement.
    For scaling old, not DPI-aware app interfaces, Windows uses “pixel sampling” (which seems like a nearest neighbor resampler). The idea is to investigate how & where it’s done exactly, and place a hook with a better self-made resampler (bicubic or lanczos).

  43. sixpack says:

    Hi, thanks for this software.

    just wanted to say it doesn’t “uncheck” the McAfee offered s/ware when updating adobe flash player.

    thought you should know.


  44. l5483719 says:

    The link I received, didn’t have the alpha version. i’m Sad. Could you send one to my email. Thanks a lot.

  45. Eric Lou says:

    I already have donated, but when I submitted my e-mail address, I was told that ‘Seems like you didn’t make a donation. You can make one here.’

  46. Paul says:

    Hi RaMMicHaeL

    I sent you an email. I donated but did not receive a download link for the Alpha release of 7+ Taskbar Tweaker for Windows 10. I NEED IT URGENTLY, YOUR APP IS MAGNIFISCENT!

    Please send me the link as soon as possible!

    Thank you very kindly in advance, and I hope that your project will become a great success!!

  47. Mladen says:


    can you please send me link for alpha version, I’m 13 years old and I’m not able to donate.

    Best regards

  48. Faheem says:

    No feature requests, I just wanted to thank you immensely for 7+ Taskbar Tweaker (I hate having pinned icons start when single-clicking) and for always providing timely free support for your programs. Stating the obvious here, I know, but your alpha version works really well for me under Windows 10.

  49. si says:

    Thanks it was the only thing to stop the windows taskbar tooltips, after wasting time on registry hacks etc!! i just couldnt type into facebook messages withouth the tooltips popping in the way

    keep up the good work!

  50. Ricardo says:


    because u have nice skill on windows programing .. and likes to build amazing “small” tools for windows. Consider to build a similar tool
    no long support new windows version and x64.

    There a clone, topmenu, that has sourcecode avaliable, but no support for new windows.

    I looked for a simple tool that just add the menu “always on top” .. but only found these two and discontinued

    Thank you !!

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