Have you ever wanted to copy some text from a dialog box which doesn’t provide such functionality?
Textify was created to solve this problem: you can point your mouse over the text, click on the mouse shortcut (Shift + Middle click by default), and get a selectable view of the text.


exe textify_setup.exe (526.24 kB, changelog)

Source code



Textify v1.6 Translation Demo

Textify and Google Chrome

Here are the steps to make Google Chrome work with Textify:

  • Open Google Chrome, and navigate to the following URL: chrome://accessibility/.
  • Check the checkboxes under Global accessibility mode.

To keep accessibility always enabled for Chrome, add the following command line parameter to your Chrome shortcut:

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443 Responses to “Textify”

  1. Stamimail says:

    Foxit Reader – I tried to grab the caption/title of the window. It gives me “Ribbon” instead of the real caption/title.
    I tested with Inspect. I can see it there.

    • Stamimail says:

      Consider to make a shortkey for “extended information”.

    • RaMMicHaeL says:

      I looked at it. You can find it manually in Inspect, but when you hover over the title bar, “Ribbon” shows up. Textify uses the same API to query the element under the mouse, and I’m not sure how to make it find/prefer the other element, except maybe implementing a special case for Foxit Reader, something I’m reluctant to do.

      • Stamimail says:

        Consider to make a shortkey for “extended information”.
        by “extended information” I mean that Textify will retrieve all the information at the right pane of Inspect.
        This will solve Foxit case and other cases.

        • RaMMicHaeL says:

          I don’t think it will help in this case. The problem is not that the value is set in a different property of the selected element, but that an incorrect element is selected.

          It would be best for Foxit Reader to fix this, but they might not care since not many users rely on this.

  2. Fab says:

    hello, I downloaded textify years ago, the 1.5 version, portable version. now I downloaded from above the latested version, portable, but when I run it it says 1.5 version again. like it is not updated, why? thank you

    • RaMMicHaeL says:

      Perhaps you didn’t close the previous instance. If the extracted portable version overrides the previous one, Textify should be closed automatically.
      In any case, it’s best to make sure that another version of Textify is not running before running the new version.

  3. User says:

    Love the program, but it keeps showing the main window when opening on Windows startup. Is there a way to force it to always start minimized and in tray?

  4. Johan says:

    Is there a commandline switch to start Textify to the tray?

  5. cartler says:

    Is there a hotkey to popup the query window with the query from selected words?
    if it has this function, this tool may be the best web dict that can be use work with any program.

    • RaMMicHaeL says:

      There’s no such functionality. If I understood your idea correctly, I could emulate Ctrl+C and grab the clipboard content, a bit hacky but should work most of the time. I’m not sure there’s a better way that can work universally.

  6. Volker says:

    Thanks for a great tool.

    I am looking for a silent install/update switch. Standards like /s , /S, /silent do not seem to work. Am I missing something? Would be great to have to automate installs and updates.

  7. Volker says:

    oh… i see you install to %appdata%, would you consider an option to install to %ProgramFiles% ?

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