7+ Taskbar Tweaker

7+ Taskbar Tweaker
7+ Taskbar Tweaker allows you to configure various aspects of the Windows taskbar.
Most of the configuration options it provides can’t be tweaked using the taskbar properties or the registry.
The tweaker is designed for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

Download (portable installation available)

exe 7tt_setup.exe (1.25 MB, changelog)

Available languages:
Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Macedonian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian.

Beta version
exe 7tt_setup_beta.exe (1.38 MB, changelog)
More info about beta versions.

Demo video

Here is a video that demonstrates some of the tweaks:


Q: Which registry keys does 7+ Taskbar Tweaker modify? I don’t need extra processes in my system.
A: The only registry keys the tweaker modifies are its own settings. There are no registry keys for the options it provides. The tweaker does that by injecting a DLL to explorer, hooking/subclassing/some other methods of the dark side.
As for extra processes, the tweaker is a native program, and is very lightweight. It shouldn’t slow down your system, and uses an extremely small amount of memory. Also, you can hide the tray icon if you want.

In case you want to remove the tweaker’s settings from the registry, look for them here:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\7 Taskbar Tweaker
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run (“7 Taskbar Tweaker” value)

P.S. if you’re a programmer, you might want to take a look at the 7+ Taskbar Tweaking Library.

Q: My antivirus complains about 7+ Taskbar Tweaker.
A: It’s a false positive. I guarantee that the tweaker binaries (and any other files on this site, unless specifically noted) are 100% clean.
Also remember that the tweaker injects into explorer and modifies its memory, which is indeed suspicious.

Q: Can I Group/Combine/Label only some of the items on the taskbar?
A: Yes, use Taskbar Inspector.

Q: Can I use 7+ Taskbar Tweaker in a commercial environment?
A: Yes, feel free to use it wherever you want.

Q: Where is the portable version?
A: When installing the tweaker, choose the Portable type of install, as shown on the image below.
The portable version will be extracted to the selected folder.


Note: If the tweaker is already installed on your computer, the option won’t be visible. You can launch the setup with the /portable command line switch to force a portable installation.

Q: I want to report a bug/suggest a feature! What is the best way to do it?
A: Post it on the UserEcho page.

Q: I want to translate 7+ Taskbar Tweaker to my language.
A: The archive below contains the files needed to be translated.
Please read readme.txt before proceeding.

zip 7tt_translate.zip (753.2 kB)

If you are brave enough to translate the help file, contact me for the required software and files.

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3,756 Responses to “7+ Taskbar Tweaker”

  1. monolake says:

    First of all: Thank you for programming this really useful tool!
    For me, the best part is the Taskbar-Inspector to sort the windows inside the folder of the firefox and the explorer. But after a reboot, the order of the windows is destroyed, I have to sort again.
    Is there a possibility to fix the sequence? Have I overlooked something?

    • RaMMicHaeL says:

      Currently it’s not possible to keep the taskbar items always sorted with 7+ Taskbar Tweaker. Using advanced Mouse Button Control options, you can assign a mouse shortcut to sort a taskbar group with a click, but it’s only available in the beta version for now. Refer to the help file for more details.

      • monolake says:

        Thank you for your answer!
        I tried via advanced options to keep the taskbar group sorted. With the command taskbaritem|ctrl+shift+lclick 15, I get indeed a alphabetically sorted list. But I would prefer an own sorted list. With the value 14 nothing happens and with the value 12 all the explorer windows in the group appear on the desktop. Is there a possibility to remember the actual sorting and recall ist?

        • RaMMicHaeL says:

          With the value 14 nothing happens and with the value 12 all the explorer windows in the group appear on the desktop.

          These are not relevant for sorting. From the help file:
          12 - Restore all group items
          14 - Restore [a single item]

          Is there a possibility to remember the actual sorting and recall ist?

          No, that’s not possible in general. The reason is that the windows get recreated upon reboot, and the tweaker has on way to identify them.

  2. Phillip M. says:

    as a quadriplegic gamer that happens to like a couple of the tweaks this offers, I’m disappointed that it seems to have suddenly started to cause latency with a few programs I can’t function without. Namely, these programs are Windows Explorer (I shouldn’t need to explain why that one’s needed) and Dragon NaturallySpeaking (adaptive technology that can do things like transcribe my voice and act on voice commands)

    Not sure which of the 3 programs is most to blame, but lately I’ve noticed that when when your app is running, the other 2 programs function slower, especially Explorer. For example, it normally only takes a few hundred milliseconds for a minimized window to come up when I click the associated icon, but with 7TT running it currently takes a few seconds. Please try to fix this. As far as I can remember, it only started happening sometime in the past 72 hours, and before your recent update. My best guess says a registry error is to blame, but I’m not the developer here.

    if I knew where to send it that it wouldn’t be published for all readers to see, I’d give you my email address so you could contact me for further details that way. Unfortunately, I don’t see a contact form anywhere on the site. Do you have one and I’m just missing it or something?

    • Phillip M. says:

      actually, it might not be your program after all. Even after closing the program, explore still continued to act up. It did seem to improve a little, but I’m still experiencing the same symptoms without your app running, so I guess I’ve got some troubleshooting to do. In the meantime, I guess you may as well disregard my previous comment.

  3. Gordon M says:

    Nice one 🙂

  4. Zageron says:


    I’m getting a library launching error in windows version 16251.


    • RaMMicHaeL says:

      Hi Zageron,

      You’re using an insider build of Windows 10. Insider builds are not supported.

    • Loving Beast says:

      Actually, I started getting those same errors in win 10 pro. I tried to manually register the DLL and it failed. Also, the taskbar inspector failed to load as well. However, when I uninstalled it and reran the installer as an administrator, and then went to the program directory, and ran the 7tweker program in compatibility mode as an administrator. Everything works again. I hope this helps.

  5. Rusty says:

    This is a great program, but I usually have 3-4 firefox windows open at a time and the order often resorts itself at random (firefox freezing or maybe from tabswapping) is it possible even theoretically to maintain the order?

  6. Jeeves says:

    Does this tool allow multiple columns when the taskbar is vertical?

  7. Anuser says:

    Hi. Your download page is not opening as of this time on 12/9/2017. Can you please check the problem because I have to download taskbar tweaker and its not downloading. Thanks.

  8. Branko says:

    Hi. I have noticed that on second monitor, where I also have taskbar, on that taskbar windows can not be closed on middle click. And windows on task bar on primary monitor can. Can I do something to fix it?

  9. Billy Bob Baked Beans says:

    This app is awesome! Thank you very much for making and supporting it!

  10. HC says:

    Love the program. It’s the other thing that goes on a PC after Classic Shell :-).
    One thing I’ve noticed. What controls the title on a taskbar button group? I have found that all of my cmd.exe taskbar groups end up with the same title -“Admin” which was the title of an elevated command prompt I ran once.
    I can’t see where the mapping between process group and group title is….

    • RaMMicHaeL says:

      The title of a group is selected by Windows Explorer, without the interference of the tweaker. I haven’t researched how the name is chosen, and the tweaker doesn’t allow to change it.

  11. ed says:

    This is a good little tool. Thanks

    I’d be willing to donate, but it has never really worked in the years I have tried using it.

    The problem is when I open my computer (e.g. from sleep mode) all the browser windows shuffle, and end up in a different order.

    I am using Grouping > Dont Group

  12. Stamimail says:

    My settings is “Show thumbnail preview (default)”
    I tryed to get the “List” option by Advanced Options > Mouse Button Control,
    but I see that there is no “List” in taskbaritem.

    • RaMMicHaeL says:

      Indeed, there’s no such option. You can choose to have either a thumbnail preview or a list, and the “show thumbnail” option of the Mouse Button Control will show whatever you chose.

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